Plantable Seed Bookmarks

Small seed paper bookmarks


  • 100 to 249 $0.82 each
  • 250 to 499 $0.67 each
  • 500 to 999 $0.64 each
  • 1000 to 2499 $0.55 each
  • 2500 or more $0.50 each

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Single-Sided Small Seed Paper Bookmark

The 2" x 5" seed paper bookmark is a cost-effective alternative to the traditional longer bookmark - without sacrificing impact. Your message will still be strong, and wildflowers will still grow from this slightly smaller bookmark. Just send us your full color custom artwork, and we'll print it right onto the seed paper.

Read about how plantable paper works.

Size: 2 x 5 inches

Make sure to include planting instructions on your plantable bookmark artwork.

Pricing includes up to 30% ink coverage. Please note that if your design exceeds this, a price increase may apply. Refer to your invoice, our artwork guidelines or contact us for more details.

Rounded corners are available for this product, contact us for more details.

Please note a $35 artwork set-up fee will be applied at checkout.