Eco Confetti

Guests can take this Heart Shaped Plantable Seed Paper Confetti in French Blue home to plant and grow wildflowers!


  • $9.95 each

Heart Shaped Plantable Confetti in French Blue

Plantable confetti is perfect for an eco-friendly wedding, or to use as green baby shower favors. When thrown outside, the heart shaped plantable confetti will grow into wildflowers. It's eco-friendly, fun and so memorable!

Seed confetti also makes a great addition to any table decoration. Mix and match with other plantable confetti colors to color coordinate with the rest of your event. What would usually go in the trash will be taken home with guests to plant instead!

Read more about how plantable paper works.

Size: 7/8" in diameter

Package comes with french blue plantable seed confetti. Approximately 350 plantable seed confetti petals per bag.