Green Gifts Guide

Check out the Green Gifts Guide for Eco-friendly gift ideas for Summer.

Welcome to the Summer 2014 edition of the Botanical PaperWorks Green Gifts Guide. To help simplify your summer gift-giving, we've compiled an eco-friendly selection of seed paper products all under $20!

Seed paper details that grow flowers are the perfect additon to party decor.

Make your party memorable with a variety of seed paper products. Your guests will be impressed when they realize the coasters will grow wildflowers when planted. Or maybe wine tags are more your style - they will also sprout wildflowers. Looking for a gift? Botanical PaperWorks has that covered too, with plenty of plantable paper gifts to choose from.

Bring the host a of your next summer gathering a little something special like seed bombs that grow savory herbs.

Looking for that perfect gift for the host? Look no further, and order some seed bombs – available with both wildflower and herb seeds. Or maybe they would like a plantable journal or a plantable notepaper set, both will grow wildflowers!

Plantable Seed Paper Confetti is a fun and easy way to grow flowers this summer.

Are you getting married this summer, or even just hosting a party? Plantable confetti can add that extra perfect touch. Spread it out on the table, give out to your guests, or throw it in the air. This confetti is eco-friendly, grows wildflowers when planted, and is available in many colors.

Seed paper is the perfect gift for the people who help your children grow.

With the school year nearing to a close, we start to think about what to get for the teachers in our lives. Your child’s teacher will be sure to feel appreciated when they receive a set of pocket notebooks or Pocket Garden Pack. Don’t forget to say thank you with a plantable greeting card.

Help get the kids outside this summer with these adorable matchstick gardens that grow flowers.

Teach your kids about the earth with our eco-friendly Planting for the Planet Matchstick Garden. When you tear off a few matchsticks and plant them, they will grow into beautiful wildflowers.

Give a grad a seed paper card that grows to celebrate how far they have come and how much they have grown.

If someone in your life is achieving the important milestone of a graduation, celebrate it with a one of our plantable paper graduation products. Say congratulations with a seed paper greeting card, or spread the love with a graduation favor, both will grow wildflowers when planted.

Give the gift of flowers at your summer next event with floral favors that actually grow.

Summer is a time of celebration, whether it’s for an upcoming wedding, or perhaps a Baptism, or Holy Communion. We have favors for almost any occasion, especially since you can easily customize each one. Not to mention, they will grow wildflowers when you plant them.

Want more ideas and inspiration? We're always posting DIY and crafts, inspiration boards and more over on the Botanical PaperWorks blog. Keep checking back often for all the other great ideas to come.

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