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Check out the Green Gifts Guide for Eco-friendly gift ideas for Winter.

Charm your loved ones with the eco-friendly products in our 2014/15 edition of the Green Gifts Guide. Whether they’re wine enthusiasts, gardening fans or stationery lovers, the unique and environmentally friendly gifts in this guide are sure to be enjoyed by everyone. The beauty of these products is that they’re all designed to be two gifts in one – they’re all made from 100% biodegradable post consumer materials and the paper is embedded with seeds that grow wildflowers, herbs or veggies when planted. You can feel good about giving your loved ones multifunctional gifts that leave behind no waste!

Check out all of the seed paper products in the NEW edition of the Green Gifts Guide.

These holiday cards are embedded with seed paper that grows wildflowers when planted.

Nothing says Happy Holidays quite like a beautifully designed card. These plantable cards come in a variety of different designs and themes, so you can choose which one best reflects your style. You can order these cards in sets of 8 or select designs are available in bulk orders that you can personalize with your family name. From vintage, to funny or modern, these eco-friendly cards are printed on seed paper that grows wildflowers or herbs.

Your friends and family will love watching the months pass by when they can plant the pages in these calendars!

Give your loved ones a gift that will brighten up their desks with the eco-friendly Quotes That Grow Eco Calendar. The seed-embedded pages come in an array of beautiful and vibrant colors and when the months come to an end, they can be planted in a pot or garden to grow blooming wildflowers. Do you know a gardening lover or foodie? The Grow-A-Garden Plantable Seed Calendar would be perfect for them. Every page is filled with different herb or vegetable seeds so recipients can enjoy tomatoes, lettuce, dill, basil, parsley and carrots all year long.

Seed paper wine tags make the perfect gift - not only are they a wonderful accessory for wine, but they're also fully plantable!

Wine can make the perfect gift, but you can make it even more special by attaching one of these seed paper bottle tags. Not only are you gifting your loved one with a bottle of wine, you’ll also be giving them a beautiful bouquet of flowers because the tags are embedded with seeds that grow when planted. Available in a variety of designs, these bottle tags are the perfect wine accessories.

Perfect to have on hand for a variety of significant moments, these All Occasion cards make the perfect gift.

From birthdays to babies and everything in between, these All Occasion cards are perfect to keep on hand and make a wonderful gift. Along with their cheerful and unique designs, each seed paper card grows wildflowers when planted. Not only can your loved ones send out eco-friendly, stylish cards, they’ll also feel great about including a bouquet of flowers.

Available in a variety of stylish and whimsical designs, these tags make the perfect accent on gifts.

These seed paper tags are fun, whimsical and make the perfect eco-friendly accent on all gifts. Available in a variety of styles like vintage, traditional or evergreen and flower shapes, all of the gift tags are embedded with seeds that bloom wildflowers when planted and leave no waste behind

These Encouragement cards are a fabulous two in one gift - they include beautiful quotes and the seeds to grow wildflowers!

These plantable seed cards include encouraging and inspirational messages on the covers and come in a set with a variety of beautiful and stylish designs. They’d make the perfect stationery gift because they’re great to have on hand for whenever someone needs a smile (or a bouquet of flowers!).

Available in several different styles and designs, these wine tags make the perfect gift or party favor!

Whether you choose a Christmas design or something more universal like the Polka Dot Bright Tags, these seed paper wine tags make the perfect eco-friendly gift or party favor. Not only can guests personalize them to keep tabs on their drinks during busy holiday parties, but they can also take theirs home to plant and grow wildflowers as each tag is embedded with seeds.

The ultimate two in one Valentines gift - these sweet cards are also embedded with seeds that grow wildflowers when planted.

These seed cards are absolutely perfect for Valentines Day. With classroom packages for the kids like the Eco-Monsters and a variety of single cards like the I Love You Seed Card, you’ll surely find an eco-friendly Valentine option that’s right for you. Not to mention how the recipients will love this ultimate two-in-one gift. Embedded with seeds, these charming cards bloom wildflowers when planted and will be enjoyed for months to follow.

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