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Read about the strategy, execution, and results of this plantable mail-out

Read about the success behind a home delivery kit company's plantable basil seed paper giveaway campaign. Learn how HelloFresh reinforced its value for fresh ingredients and inspired customers to grow at home. Read more

{case study} How Wanda Showed Coworkers Support With Plantable Seed Cards

During these uncertain times, encouraging our loved ones, coworkers, peers, and community members is so important. Learn how Wanda showed her support by leaving plantable, uplifting cards on the desks of her colleagues. Read more

How a corporate gift helped reinforce brand values and get Botanical PaperWorks employees excited about new branding.

With a mission to give employees a gift that reinforces the company’s mission to reduce waste as well as create excitement around the company’s new branding, Botanical PaperWorks shared branded Sigg water bottles. Read more about the objectives and strategy in this case study! Read more

Learn more about how seed paper was used in a postcard exchange at WEE to give attendees a takeaway that would live on after the event.

With some creative thinking, you can elevate your promotional products to a new level. That's exactly what the planners behind this year's Women’s Empowerment Event did with this unique and memorable plantable postcard exchange. Read more

Learn more about this Canadian stationery boutique that offers a collection of artistic greeting cards printed on eco-friendly seed paper.

Learn more about this Canadian stationery boutique that offers a collection of artistic greeting cards printed on eco-friendly seed paper from Botanical PaperWorks. The cards give the recipients a special greeting and the chance to plant and grow wildflowers. Read more

Read about the strategy, excecution and results of this plantable leaf giveaway.

Take an inside look at how the school used plantable giveaways to send prospective families an enrollment incentive and maintain a relationship of growth recipients. The leaf shape can be planted and soil so they can grow wildflowers! Read more

Get an inside look at how this plantable golf-themed promotion was used to deliver a powerful message at a members golf tournament.

Read about the objective, strategy, and results of a new Plantable Golf Balls promotional product that was used to celebrate a new "growing" partnership between PPPC, SAGE, and PPAI. Read more

ERTH & CO. Reinforces Brand Mission With Seed Paper Business Cards

ERTH & CO. uses plantable business cards from Botanical PaperWorks to reflect who they are as a brand and inspire people to reduce waste by choosing environmentally conscious products. Read more

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