Living Green

regrow food

Learn how to regrow green onions, romaine lettuce, celery, basil, and other herbs at home. Save food waste and money while surprising your family and friends. Read more

reduce plastic waste at home

Make these foods at home to avoid buying the plastic-packaged alternatives from grocery stores. Get the recipes from zero-waste bloggers and learn how to grow your own herbs at home. Read more

Encourage them to grow & be green with plantable giveaways made with seed paper!

Take a look at these plantable promotional product ideas for back-to-school season that will connect with students and inspire them to grow. Each one is made with seed paper so they can be planted instead of being tossed after use. Read more

Encouragement Card of the Week

Learn more about our new weekly offering where we'll be featuring a plantable product of the week to help you stay connected with your loved ones and spread the joy of planting. Read more

{case study} How Wanda Showed Coworkers Support With Plantable Seed Cards

During these uncertain times, encouraging our loved ones, coworkers, peers, and community members is so important. Learn how Wanda showed her support by leaving plantable, uplifting cards on the desks of her colleagues. Read more

Plantable Earth Day Promotions Idea Book

Take a look at the updated Earth Day Promotional Products Idea Book that will help you grow ideas to send a powerful message that shows you care about the environment! Read more

Eco-Friendly Graduation Planning

Reduce waste, help the planet, and make your students happy with these eco-friendly solutions and alternatives for graduation planning. Read more

Learn about the diamond mining industry and 5 sustainable, conflict-free, eco-friendly alternatives to diamond engagement rings.

The global diamond mining industry has violated human rights and caused environmental destruction. Learn about the more sustainable ways to give an engagement ring or find conflict-free rings. Read more

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