Living Green

Plant the seed for a greener future with this unique Earth Day promotional product idea for plantable seed paper.

To help get your ideas for Earth Day growing, take a look this fun promotion that features the word EARTH with green living practices assigned to every letter to make it easy to remember. As the recipient plants the seed paper in soil, they'll be reminded to keep these green p... Read more

Learn more about these Plantable Graduation Favors that are perfect for green graduations and spread seeds as a symbol of the future and growth.

These Eco-friendly Plantable Graduation Favors are perfect for celebrating in a green way symbolizing growth and hope for the future. Learn more about these seed paper favors that grow and start planning your green grad today! Read more

Find out what it takes to make your product packaging eco-friendly, what the benefits are and how you can incorporate seed paper.

Discover ways to incorporate sustainable business practices with eco-friendly packaging and learn more about biodegradable seed paper that will not only reduce waste, but give back to the environment and benefit important species. Read more

This Earth Day Idea Book is filled with plantable promotions that spread plants, not waste!

Let's PLANT for the PLANET this Earth Day! Take a look at this Promotional Products Idea Book that will help you GROW some ideas for you or your clients this April. From the NEW Conservation Promotions to Seed Bombs, Planting Flags and so much more, you'll find tons of green i... Read more

Seed Paper Petals Cards are the perfect way to send a blooming message this spring and summer!

Learn more about these blooming Seed Paper Petal Cards for spring and summer promotions. They are perfectly sized for gift card holders or can be used as a stand alone unique piece for your custom message. Read more

A look at the significance of Greenery, Pantone's color of the year for 2017 and why we think it's one of the best choices yet.

A look at the significance of Greenery, Pantone's color of the year for 2017 and why we think it's one of the best choices yet. Read more

A variety of new plantable promotions for conservation themes, business cards & more!

View, download & share the 2017 Seed Paper Promotional Products Catalog that features new products for conservation themes, business cards & more! Read more

Make it your resolution to live greener and get started on the right foot with this list of ways to to be more eco-friendly.

Looking to make a New Year's Resolution that will impact more that just yourself? How about choosing to live green everyday and sharing that message with others? Here are a bunch of ways to be more eco-friendly and a Free Printable 2017 Eco Calendar to start the year off right! Read more

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