Archive: February 2020

International Polar Bear Day

Learn about why polar bears are at-risk for becoming extinct, why the world needs arctic conservation to reverse the effects of global warming, and what you can do to help. Read more

Learn about the diamond mining industry and 5 sustainable, conflict-free, eco-friendly alternatives to diamond engagement rings.

The global diamond mining industry has violated human rights and caused environmental destruction. Learn about the more sustainable ways to give an engagement ring or find conflict-free rings. Read more

Reduce waste, help the environment and save money with these easy zero waste lifestyle tips.

Zero-waste lifestyle changes are easy to make with a little patience and planning. Small steps in a sustainable direction will reduce waste, protect the environment and save you money. Read more

This creative valentine's day greeting craft idea that will surprise your friends

Save trees and bees with these seed paper fortune cookies that can be used as favors or in place of wasteful valentines. They are simple to make and have customized messages inside. Plus, the paper is plantable so no waste is left behind. Read more

Create buzz around your small business

Promotional products are one of the most effective ways to market your small business but finding sustainable, useful, affordable items is a challenge. Check out these 6 sustainable promotional item ideas that will make the Earth and your customers happy. Read more