Archive: July 2020

Festive graphic with the text: Holiday Promotions Planning Guide

Get an early start on and improve the success of your holiday promotions with the strategic planning checklist and 16 ideas for promotional campaigns included in this guide. Read more

recycled metal can crafts

Learn how to reuse the cans in your recycling bin for these crafts that will brighten up your home. With just a few tools, you'll help the Earth while getting creative. Read more

Browse the latest eco-friendly seed paper giveaways, corporate gifts, business holiday cards and more for the holiday season.

Take a look at this collection of seed paper promotional products to help you grow brand awareness and send a green message this holiday season! We've got tons of choices, from eco-friendly corporate gifts to budget-friendly giveaways. Read more

Welcome Back Employees

Remote working and temporary layoffs may have impacted workplace morale and team relationships. To combat the negative effects on your team, take a look at these welcome-back ideas that will show appreciation and boost team morale. Read more

Seed Paper Wedding Invitations

See how elegant a sustainable wedding can be in this dreamy photoshoot featuring ethical, all-natural, sustainable vendors. Get inspiration for your eco-friendly wedding day. Read more

regrow food

Learn how to regrow green onions, romaine lettuce, celery, basil, and other herbs at home. Save food waste and money while surprising your family and friends. Read more