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Plantable Eco Calendar in Canadian Living Magazine

Canadian Living Magazine describes themselves as "inspiring ideas for everyday living", and that they are. As a kid, I grew up with stacks of these magazines around my parents' house, as my mom often snapped up new issues whenever she could. She still does to this day, in fact. So when I popped in for a visit this weekend, it was a very pleasant surprise to see Botanical PaperWorks' very own Plantable Eco Calendar in the latest issue.

plantable eco calendar canadian living

The Plantable Eco Calendar is featured in the Home Matters section, in an article showcasing items that are perfect for sprucing up your desk, and keeping it fun and colorful. We here love having the Eco Calendars on our desk, and can't wait to use the brand new 2012 Plantable Eco Calendar we just told you about a few weeks ago!



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