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Mittens Plantable Holiday Cards Set

It seems a bit early to start telling you about our Christmas cards, but we have so many brand new designs we had to start this early! Our Green Christmas cards are both a greeting and a gift, and there are so many classic and fun cards to choose from.

Mittens Plantable Holiday Card

Our new Mittens Plantable Holiday Cards Set is perfect for kids, families, or anyone that loves to add a personal touch to their holiday greeting cards. Each set contains eight cards that are printed on recycled paper and includes eight pairs of fun and colorful patterned seed paper mittens. You and your kids can mix, match, and attach any pattern you want, the perfect DIY project! Once the recipient is finished with the card, the seed paper mittens can be planted and they will have a bouquet of wildflowers to remember the holidays! Even though it's cold outside, you can grow our plantable paper indoors in a pot or wait for spring to plant them outside. Any recipient of this playful and customizable card will definitely appreciate it! These plantable mitten cards are great for kids to give to their teacher, their friends, or family members!

Mittens Plantable Holiday Card Set

Let us know what you think about this brand new design! Keep checking back as we will be introducing more of our new eco Christmas Cards. This holiday season is closer than you think, so start thinking about which card you want to send to the one's you care about!


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