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Eco-Friendly Holiday Host Gift Ideas

We can not believe how this year has flown by, and that the holidays are already here.

With so many great holiday parties and events to attend at this time of year, it can be hard to find that perfect little something to bring with you to show your host how much you appreciate their hospitality.

As a huge fan of entertaining guru Anthea Turner, we have learned that although flowers are really thoughtful, they can also be hard for your host to trim and prep amidst putting the finishing touches on the evening's food and drink. And even though Poinsettia's are beautiful, they are toxic to pets. Plantable paper gifts still gives your host the great gift of flowers, but in a much more manageable way!

Plantable Yummy Cards Set

For a host that loves to garden or gourmet cook (and we assume they do if they're hosting an evening of food and fun), give them a Plantable Yummy Card Set. Included in the set are 6 greeting cards, each with a recipe to match a piece of plantable paper embedded with herb seeds (basil, dill, chive, mint, parsley and sage). A delicious AND thoughtful gift that's guaranteed to be appreciated!

Classic Striped Gift Plantable Card

Maybe you already have a gift for that generous host of yours, and just need that perfect card. Take a look at the Classic Striped Gift Plantable Christmas Card, which features a plantable seed paper tag that will grow wildflowers when planted.

Plantable Wine Tags

Whether you make your own wine, or picked up a bottle of your host's preferred vintage, add a more personal touch with these Plantable Wine Bottle Tag. Place this tag on the bottle neck for a pleasant greeting and a bouquet of wildflowers!

For more great gift ideas that covers just about anyone else on your list, check the newly-updated holiday edition of our Green Gifts Guide! Teachers, kids, even your boss - we've got them all covered. And don't forget, we're still offering free shipping for the holidays too!


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