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Plantable Cards on Send More Mail

We love sending mail. It's why we're sending out cards every week for 52 Weeks of Mail, and why we sent some seed paper cards to the popular blog Send More Mail. If you've never been to this blog before, you should definitely take a look - it's full of beautiful stationery from around the world, as well as almost daily photos of (purchaseable, gorgeous) vintage stamps.

And it looks like our plantable cards made a good impression, too! Take a look at this beautiful photo they posted of our Cupcake Plantable Card and Stacked Easter Eggs Plantable Happy Easter Card!

seed paper plantable cards on send more mail blog

Want to receive a plantable card of your own? (The secret's out, we even include an extra seed card for you to send along to a friend, too). All you need to do is like us on the Botanical PaperWorks Facebook page, and send your mailing address to That's it! It's totally free - and no obligations for anything else. Each week we draw one or two names.


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