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New Fresh Flowers Plantable Stationery Collection

Happy Friday everyone! We hope you've had a great week, we sure have!

It wasn't too long ago that we introduced you to the Fresh Flowers Plantable Thank You Card Set, and the response has been overwhelming. Even the editors of InStyle took note of this stylish set!

fresh flowers seed paper thank you cards

And you know what? We love it too. So today, we are very excited to tell you that we've just created an entirely new plantable stationery collection from those beautiful red floral designs.

Fresh Flowers Plantable Stationery Collection

Let's take a look at the individual pieces, starting with the Fresh Flowers Plantable Pocket Notebooks. These great little books are so handy, and the perfect size to keep just about anywhere. And when they're full, just plant the seed paper cover and they'll grow wildflowers too!

Fresh Flowers Plantable Notebooks

If you're looking for something a little bigger to write in, you should take a look at the Fresh Flowers Coil Bound Plantable Journal. There's plenty of pages, and an extra-thick cardboard backing that makes it so easy to write, no matter where you are. What makes this journal extra eco-friendly is that the inside pages and the backing are both made with 100% post-consumer materials. And of course, you can't forget about the cover that's made with plantable paper!

Fresh Flowers Plantable Coil Bound Journal

Want to send a greeting to a friend? If you're sending a thanks, take a look at the original Fresh Flowers Plantable Thank You Cards set. For any other greetings, check out the Fresh Flowers Plantable Postcards Set. Printed on seed paper, the lucky recipient can plant it once the note is read. They're a great way to send flowers AND a nice note in the mail!

Fresh Flowers Plantable Postcards

And last but not least, there's the Fresh Flowers Plantable Notepad. The coil binding and blank pages inside make it perfect for doodles, lists, and keeping track of pretty much anything. And the seed paper cover? It grows flowers, of course! A beautiful reward for being so darn organized.

Fresh Flowers Plantable Notepad

So there you have it! A brand new plantable stationery collection. What do you think? Which piece is your favourite?

Have a great weekend!


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