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12 Weeks of Christmas starts next Monday + new eco confetti

12 Weeks of Christmas

Did you read the title of this blog post and wonder "Isn’t it a bit early for Christmas"? If you did, we don’t blame you! It’s hard to feel Christmassy when the sun is shining and it’s warm out.

But did you know that Christmas is in just 13 weeks? Yup. It’s a lot of time, say if you were waiting for a new puppy to arrive. And yet not a lot of time if you’re responsible for pulling off a raft of gift-buying, party-planning, outfit-buying and celebrations on Dec. 25.

We know, we’re in the same position. We want to make Christmas a special time for our love ones. Yet at the same time, we hold down jobs and take care of kids and do all of the other parts of regular life that need doing.

So to make Christmas more fun and easy, we’re launching the 12 Weeks of Christmas. Every Monday, we’ll post our BIGGEST content – free printables, décor ideas, giveaways and coupons and tons of ideas to make the holidays fun and easy. Fun and easy. That’s our mantra for the 12 Weeks of Christmas!

The fun starts next Monday, October 8 right here at the Botanical PaperWorks Blog, so please connect with us in your preferred way:

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And while we’re on the topic of Christmas, check out these two new festive eco-confettis: Autumn and Christmas. They’re embedded with seeds, so after you use them to decorate a table or toss in celebration, they’ll grow into flowers. Cool!

Eco Confetti

12 Weeks of Christmas


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