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Green Gifts Guide - Fall 2013

Check out the Fall Green Gifts Guide for eco-friendly and stylish products to help you celebrate this season.

Fall is a beautiful time of year when the leaves start changing colors, the kids are heading back to school and the weather is cooperating for all your upcoming events. Whether you're the organizer or just attending, the Fall Green Gifts Guide is filled with fun eco-friendly products that are sure to help you impress.

Here are a few of our favorites that would be perfect for dinner parties with friends, Fall weddings, Thanksgiving and any other fabulous events you are taking part in this season.

Pocket Garden

The new Pocket Garden makes a great gift - it grows an entire garden of yummy herbs and veggies for less than $10.

Ideas for using the Pocket Garden:

  • The Pocket Garden Grows a whole garden of tasty herbs and veggies for less than $10 making it a fun and unique hostess gift to bring to the next dinner party you attend.
  • With six beautifully illustrated cards in each pack, take a card and place it on dinner settings at your next dinner party. They make a great decoration and guests will love having a take home treat that they can plant and grow.

Autumn Leaf Eco Confetti

Check out the Fall Green Gifts Guide for eco-friendly and stylish products to help you celebrate this season.

Ideas for using Autumn Leaf Eco Confetti:

  • Add to cards or gifts as decoration and you'll be adding the extra gift of flowers.
  • Decorate tablescapes at events like Thanksgiving, weddings, dinner parties, showers etc.
  • To throw in celebration at a Fall wedding, great because you don't have to worry about picking them up. They compost into the ground and grow wildflowers.
  • Decor for an aisle runner at an outdoor wedding, you can sprinkle randomly in the grass or make deliberate patterns.

The Pocket Garden and Autumn Leaf Eco Confetti are just two of the awesome eco-friendly products that are featured in the new Fall Green Gifts Guide. Make sure you check it out for some additional ideas and inspirations.

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And be sure you keep up with the blog this Fall, we'll be posting tons of seasonal entertaining ideas, activities, Freebies, Crafts and DIY Projects and so much more!


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