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A Closer Look At Wildflower Seed Paper

Find out more about this seed infused paper that grows wildflowers when planted!

Wildflower Seed Paper is a special paper made by Botanical PaperWorks that uses post-consumer materials and is embedded with wildflower seeds. When you give a greeting card, favor or any of our many seed paper products you are giving more than just a card but the gift of flowers for the recipient to bloom and grow. As they plant the paper in soil, the paper will compost away and the seeds will germinate. When kept moist and in the sun the seeds will grow and eventually bloom into a beautiful blend of colorful wildflowers.

Here is a look at each of the wildflowers you can grow with seed paper:

A look at each of the wildflowers you can grow with Botanical PaperWorks seed paper.

Our wildflower seed blend is a mix of Sweet Alyssum, Bird’s Eye, Black Eyed Susan, Clarkia, Snap Dragon, and Catchfly. Each seed type is small enough so the texture of the paper is more subtle allowing for 100% ink coverage and finer details. The variety of seeds also offer the recipient a steady, staggered blend of blossoms as one plant flowers the next, creating a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

Planting seed paper is easy whether you choose to plant it inside or outdoors.

Whether you are planting the seed paper indoors or out, it should be placed under a thin layer of soil. 1/8″ – 1/4″ is ideal. Definitely no deeper than 1/4″. Wildflowers LOVE the sun so pick a location that has plenty of sunshine throughout the day. Soak the soil & seeds right after planting, although avoid having the water pool on top, and then water as needed, usually every 2-4 days depending on how hot and dry the location is. You should start to see sprouts in around 5 days!

Wildflowers create a habitat for birds, bees, butterflies and other insects.

Besides for the fact that planting wildflowers is a beautiful way to spread nature and enjoy the outdoors, there are several benefits to growing them in your neighborhood or backyard.

  • As pollinator plants, wildflowers help to support declining bee populations.
  • Creates a habitat for birds, butterflies and other insects
  • Some wildflower species and insects have become extinct due to increased agriculture. By planting wildflowers we can help keep these species alive and spreading.
  • They help maintain a healthy eco-system.
  • Wildflowers are low maintenance and easy to grow. They can be used in parts of the garden which are difficult to cultivate conventionally because they have naturally adapted themselves to suit difficult situations in order to survive.
  • As do all plants, wildlfowers will help improve the air quality of our planet

If you're interesting in getting your hands on some seed paper to plant and grow yourself or to give as gift, browse through our store for tons of creative plantable products.

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