Personalizing Your Party Favor Boxes

Plantable eco-friendly Pyramid Box from Botanical PaperWorks

Everyone is on the lookout for unique and personal expressions of who they are as reflected in the special day. At each place on the table, it is nice to place a wedding favor to mark the day and provide an interesting take-home piece to remember the festivities in days to come. The favor is also a great way to say, "Thank you for coming and being part of our day".

A popular Botanical PaperWorks product is the plantable seed paper Pyramid Favor Box - a plantable seed wedding favor box which may be filled with your favorite candy or tokens. You purchase the boxes unfilled in your choice of plantable paper and then personalized with ribbons or ties, tags printed with the names of the couple and the wedding date, and a unique filler.

Favor Box Personalizing Ideas

Here are some great ideas for personalizing a Pyramid Favor Box:

(1) Paper Choices: Order your die-cut Pyramid Box forms from Botanical PaperWorks and assemble the box according to instructions provided. 

When selecting a paper color, choose paper to match the theme and tone of your wedding. Many of our customers order the boxes in white and add color with ribbons and other adornments.

(2) Box Closures: All Pyramid Boxes come with a hole punched at the tip of each side of the pyramid. The holes provide an easy way to tie the pyramid closed, keeping the contents secure until opened. Use one of these ribbon and tie ideas to close the box:


Sheer ribbons for a romantic look

Raffia for a natural look

Satin ribbon in the wedding colors


Shoestrings for the wedding of an athlete

Wool strands for a knitter/weaver

Dental floss for the wedding of the dentist

Another great idea for personalizing the Pyramid Box is to add additional interest by tying a bead or a metal token to each end or glue a dried flower to the tips of the ribbon.

(3) Box Fill Ideas: The sky's the limit for filling the Pyramid Boxes - anything that fits the box goes! Here are some of our ideas:

Small candies- jelly beans, mints, gummies, 2 or 3 Jordan almonds, a couple of exquisite chocolates, chocolate kisses
Wedding cake wrapped in decorative foil or cellophane
Seeds for your favorite flowers and planting instructions, perfect when presented in a Plantable paper box.
A few beautiful marbles and a set of instructions for a marble game

Plantable Pyramid Boxes are available from Botanical PaperWorks. Boxes are shipped flat, come scored for easy folding and include instructions for folding.


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