Seed Bombs

Be part of the Guerilla Gardening movement with Seed Bombs! Each bomb is packed with wildflower seeds which sprout and grow when planted. As part of the movement, toss your bombs into vacant lots or abandoned areas to add beauty to these urban spaces. They're also great to plant in a garden or pot to grow a beautiful cluster of flowers. Great to try on your own or with a friend, and a unique gift idea for friends and family.

  • Bulk Wildflower Seed Bombs

    Wildflower Bulk Seed Bombs are an eco-friendly choice that will help you #growgoodthings. 25 wildflower seed bombs in your choice of 25+ colors
    From $17.99
  • Bulk Herb Seed Bombs

    Grow the ultimate garden of basil, parsley and oregano with these Herb Bulk Seed Bombs. 25 herb seed bombs in moss green
    From $18.50