Classic Greenery

The Classic #Greenery #SeedPaper Wedding Collection features lush leaves for a fresh and natural feeling

Lush greens on eco-friendly seed paper make this collection perfect for fresh, natural weddings. The elegant and graceful designs capture the vitality of nature and all its beauty. Each piece is plantable, so you and your guests can grow real greenery as a special memento of your wedding day. Whether your event is indoors or in a lush garden, this style is a beautiful way to celebrate your special day in an eco-friendly way.

Designed in sage, olive and jade, but you can also choose your own custom colors free of charge!

  • Classic Greenery Plantable Wedding Invitation

    Elegant and graceful, the Classic Greenery Plantable Wedding Invitations embrace organic details for a fresh and natural feeling. Printed on eco-friendly seed paper!
    $2.75 - $3.75
  • Classic Greenery Plantable Thank You Card

    Inspired by crisp and graceful leaves, the Classic Greenery Plantable Thank You Cards will share a special message and gift of gratitude with your loved ones after the event. Say thank you and give flowers!
    $2.55 - $3.30
  • Classic Greenery Plantable Reply Card

    Designed to match the Classic Greenery Wedding Invitations, these elegant seed paper reply cards are a beautiful way to gather replies for your event. Grow a garden from your rsvps!
    $1.95 - $2.70
  • Classic Greenery Plantable Place Card

    With sophisticated typography and a simple leaf design, the Classic Greenery Plantable Place Cards will add a touch of refined elegance to your event and give each guest the gift of flowers. Your place cards can double as favors with seed paper that grows!
    $1.00 - $1.35
  • Classic Greenery Plantable Menu Card

    Elegant and eco-friendly this Classic Greenery Plantable Menu Card can be planted to grow carrots! A menu that grows carrots!
    $1.15 - $1.90
  • Classic Greenery Plantable Favor Tag

    Give your guests an additional gift that grows with these greenery-inspired plantable favor tags that grow when planted. Attach seed paper tags to favors for a bonus gift of flowers!
    $0.85 - $1.00
  • Classic Greenery Plantable Save The Date Card

    Perfect for eco-friendly wedding, these plantable save-the-date cards will announce your elegant and natural wedding in a waste-free way. Save the date in a waste-free way!
    $1.95 - $2.70
  • Classic Greenery Plantable Wine Glass Tags

    With elegant greenery details featured on eco-friendly seed paper, these Classic Greenery Plantable Wine Glass Tags will add natural details to your tablescapes. A place card, wedding favor & wine marker in one.
    $0.71 - $1.46