Your guests can plant these Pinecone Plantable Wedding Invitations to grow a colorful bouquet of wildflowers.

Pinecones are such a wonderful representation of the warmth and comfort that can be brought during the cooler fall and winter months. Use that icon at your wedding, and show off your classic and elegant style with the Pinecone Plantable wedding collection. In addition to the very unique shape of the invitation, each piece is printed on seed paper, and is embedded with high quality North American wildflower seeds. Each lucky recipient can plant the seed paper piece and use it as a blooming reminder of what a wonderful day it was.

Choose from White or Cream seed paper.

  • Pinecone Plantable Wedding Invitation

    These eco-friendly Pinecone Plantable Wedding Invitations are made using post-consumer materials, and will leave no waste behind! 2 seed paper color options
    $2.75 - $3.75
  • Pinecone Plantable Thank You Card

    Pinecone plantable thank you cards Thank you cards
    $2.55 - $3.30
  • Pinecone Plantable Reply Card

    Pinecone plantable reply cards Plantable reply cards
    $1.95 - $2.70
  • Pinecone Plantable Place Card

    Pinecone plantable place cards Place cards
    $1.00 - $1.35
  • Pinecone Plantable Menu Card

    Pinecone plantable menu cards Plantable menu cards
    $1.95 - $2.70
  • Pinecone Plantable Favor Tag

    Pinecone plantable favor tags Wedding favor tags
    $0.85 - $1.00
  • Pinecone Save the Date Card

    Pinecone Save the Date Cards 2 options of save the date cards
    $1.95 - $2.70
  • Love Grows Wood Ornament

    A beautiful and symbolic gift for weddings. A beautiful and symbolic gift for weddings.