Rustic Tree

These Rustic Tree Seed Paper Wedding Invitations grow wildflowers when planted.

Bright, colorful, and oh-so-fun, guests will love the Rustic Tree wedding stationery collection. The six different color combinations give you a tree for every season - Spring, Summer, Winter and Autumn. And every piece within this collection, from invitation to reply card to place card, grows wildflower seeds when the paper is planted. That's because the seed paper is infused with seeds - just plant and grow!

  • Rustic Tree Seal and Send Invitation

    Plant these Rustic Tree Seal and Send Wedding Invitations to grow a lovely garden full of colorful wildflowers. All in one wedding invite and reply
    Available in 6 colors,
    $4.75 - $7.25
  • Rustic Tree Thank You Card

    Rustic Tree Thank You Cards 6 thank you card colors
    $2.55 - $3.30
  • Rustic Tree Place Card

    Rustic Tree Place Cards 6 colors of plantable place cards
    $1.00 - $1.35
  • Rustic Tree Menu Card

    Rustic Tree Menu Cards 6 plantable menu card colors
    $1.15 - $1.90
  • Rustic Tree Favor Tag

    Rustic Tree Favor Tags 1 color of wedding favor tags
    $0.85 - $1.00
  • Rustic Tree Save The Date Card

    Rustic Tree Save The Date Cards 6 colors of save the date cards
    $1.95 - $2.70
  • Rustic Tree Coaster

    Rustic Tree Coasters Personalized seed paper coasters
    $1.25 - $1.75