Plantable Promotions That Grow

Thank you for visiting Botanical PaperWorks, a world-leading producer of eco-friendly plantable promotions that grow into wildflowers, herbs or vegetables.

Eco-friendly seed paper products that help reduce waste and grow into habitats for important pollinators or edibles such as herbs and veggies. Each product can help your business send a green message, reduce waste, and have a positive impact on the planet!

All of the products are made with seed paper that is:

  • Approved for planting in the UK & EU
  • NON-GMO and tested for purity
  • Made from post-consumer materials 

In our vast catalog, you'll discover hundreds of plantable products with low minimums, fast turnaround times, full-color printing and hassle-free international shipping. To find out everything you need to know about plantable promotions that grow, please view, download and share the catalog below. It's available with pricing in both Euros or British Pounds for your convenience. 

Botanical PaperWorks 2019 Seed Paper Promotional Products Catalog

Seed Paper Promotional Products Catalog

Find tons of ideas for businesses for everything from direct mail campaigns, giveaways, corporate stationery, gifts, and so much more. Take a look, discover and share!


Earth Day Idea Book

Earth Day Idea Book

Looking for eco-friendly Earth Day products and ideas? Browse our Earth Day Idea Book for both customizable products and pre-designed pieces with corporate personalization.


Earth Day Idea Book

Holiday Promotional Products Idea Book

Get clients excited for planning holiday promotions with this e-booklet filled with creative ideas for corporate gifts, giveaways, business holiday cards and more. You'll find tons of inspiration to share a green message this Christmas!


Not sure how to use seed paper for your business or pitch them to clients?

Here are 5 different reasons you may have to use them for your business

1. You want to communicate your commitment to good environmental practices.
2. You want to communicate the concept of growing together, working together, promoting organizational growth.
3. You want to encourage positive action from employees and stakeholders
4. You need something different to get noticed.
5. You want to focus on the positive aspects of your brand.

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