Current Job Postings At Botanical PaperWorks

We’re a seed paper company that helps individuals and organizations celebrate important events in a stylish and eco-friendly way. We serve customers across North America, Europe and Australia with a wide range of memorial, wedding, baby and promotional products.

There are no current openings, please check back soon.

Learn more about Botanical PaperWorks

Watch the video to hear from Botanical PaperWorks CEO, Heidi Reimer-Epp as she tells the story of how a mother-daughter duo took a leap of faith and built a thriving, global seed paper company together. From how they first came up with the idea, to how seed paper is made, take a behind-the-scenes look at the company!


The Botanical PaperWorks team is guided by these principles:

PASSION: You are passionate and proud of what you do. You are passionate about the tangible gift of paper and its personal touch in this crazy speed of the digital world.

CUSTOMER FOCUS: You understand the importance of putting the customer at the centre of all your efforts. It may be the millionth time you’ve answered the question, but it’s the first time they've asked it.

TEAMWORK: Your contribution to our collective energy helps elevate us to extraordinary. Everyone has something to contribute. Respect. Appreciate. Encourage. Grow.

QUALITY: The seed paper you help create is the very best in its class. It’s that way because you never stop thinking of ways to improve upon our processes. It has no peer. How rare is that?

ECO-CONSCIOUSNESS: You’re proud to help empower consumers and businesses to make better choices for our planet. You lead by example, reducing, re-using and recycling. The health and future of our planet is in our hands.

What team members say:


“Botanical PaperWorks is a great place to work because management is very supportive. It’s a fun work environment where growth and innovation are encouraged. ”

Kayla Thiessen, Corporate Accounts Representative | Joined Botanical PaperWorks January 2017


“I love working here because the company is able to shape positions based on your strengths and you can really own your role. The environment is casual and the location is great.”

Kelly, Design & Marketing Manager | Joined Botanical PaperWorks April 2012


“Professional development is encouraged and supported. Constant learning and growth are part of the way we do things.”

Jessica, Corporate Accounts Manager | Joined Botanical PaperWorks September 2014

Other Important Details

We're close to all major bus routes on Main Street and paid parking is available. We’re close to the Manitoba Museum, Concert Hall and many restaurants and pubs.

You’ll receive a comprehensive composition package that includes (for full-time/permanent positions) paid sick days, benefits and life insurance.