The BEAUTY Of Seed Paper

Planting seed paper is a fun exerience meant to be shared with family and friends. Learn more about this special paper and what makes it so unique and beautiful.

Some of the best things in life are surprises, such as bumping into an old friend at a coffee shop, hearing your favorite song on the radio or winning a pair of tickets to see a concert. And the reason why these moments are so special is because they happen naturally and unexpectedly. If you're looking for a great way to bring some unexpected happiness into your life or the life of someone else, try sharing Botanical PaperWorks seed paper and spread the joy and wonder of this unique plantable paper. With an assortment of innovative and tree-friendly products to choose from including promotional products, wedding stationery, memorial products and more, there is truly something for everyone!

Seed paper is made from post-consumer material that is infused with seeds in the pulping process to grow either wildflowers, herbs or vegetables when planted either indoors or outside. The paper is bio-degradable, so it leaves no waste behind, making it an eco-friendly alternative to traditional card stocks.

Learn more about HOW IT WORKS

Seed paper is an eco-friendly suprise and is a fun way to plant something special in your home or garden.

Whether purchased as a treat for yourself or given as a gift for a loved one, everybody will be impressed with seed paper. With its natural finish and seedy texture, this eco-friendly paper pleasantly surprises everyone when they learn it can be planted. You and your loved ones can feel good about reducing paper waste and adding natural beauty to your homes and lives.