Social distancing measures, business closures, and large-gathering bans are leaving couples around the world unsure about their upcoming wedding plans. Elopements or small private ceremonies may be a good alternative so this post looks at some tips and things to consider when ... Read more

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Recent closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on businesses. Here are some tips to stay proactive and find new opportunities.

Recent announcements and closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic has left a lot of businesses scrambling and questioning the way forward. While the answer isn't exactly clear, the best thing we can do is stay proactive, do research, and look for new opportunities. Read more

Plantable Earth Day Promotions Idea Book

Take a look at the updated Earth Day Promotional Products Idea Book that will help you grow ideas to send a powerful message that shows you care about the environment! Read more

Best Conference Giveaways

Impress potential clients and customers with these plantable, eco-friendly giveaway ideas. Stand out from traditional giveaways and make an impact. Read more

Eco-Friendly Graduation Planning

Reduce waste, help the planet, and make your students happy with these eco-friendly solutions and alternatives for graduation planning. Read more

International Polar Bear Day

Learn about why polar bears are at-risk for becoming extinct, why the world needs arctic conservation to reverse the effects of global warming, and what you can do to help. Read more

Learn about the diamond mining industry and 5 sustainable, conflict-free, eco-friendly alternatives to diamond engagement rings.

The global diamond mining industry has violated human rights and caused environmental destruction. Learn about the more sustainable ways to give an engagement ring or find conflict-free rings. Read more

Reduce waste, help the environment and save money with these easy zero waste lifestyle tips.

Zero-waste lifestyle changes are easy to make with a little patience and planning. Small steps in a sustainable direction will reduce waste, protect the environment and save you money. Read more

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