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This on trend prairie wedding inspiration combines dusty pink with ochre and features dried flowers and grasses to create an earthy look your guests will love.

Prairie wedding inspiration ideas including a dusty pink and ochre theme, dried flower arrangements, cake design, bridal jewelry, invitations, bridesmaids dresses, wedding favors and decor your guests won't forget. Read more

Break the wedding rice toss tradition with these beautiful and eco-friendly wedding send off ideas for a picture perfect exit.

If you want to break the wedding rice toss tradition, check out these unique and eco-friendly wedding send-off ideas. They'll make your wedding exit picture perfect and won't create waste. Read more

unconventional wedding ideas, nontraditional wedding ideas, breakaway bouquets, mixed-gender wedding party, bridal blazers, loved one as the wedding officiant, two-piece bridesmaid dresses.

Breakaway bouquets, mixed-gender wedding parties, bridal blazers, loved ones as officiants, and two-piece bridesmaids dresses. Go against tradition, break conventions and show off your personality with these wedding ideas. Read more

The funeral industry is having a substantial effect on the environment but you don't want to. Use this guide to plan in a green way and to help reduce the ecological footprint.

Did you know that traditional burials and funeral services contribute to millions of tonnes of nonbiodegradable material waste and substantial greenhouse gas emissions? If you want to reduce the impact, here are some solutions to help you plan with the planet in mind. Read more

Defining zero waste, the origins of the movement, and at look at zero waste consumerism that is affecting business practices.

With concern about mounting global waste escalating, now is the time to change habits to eliminate waste whenever possible. This post defines zero waste, looks at the origins of the movement, and will help you understand zero waste consumerism that is affecting business practi... Read more

Explore the digital catalog filled with zero waste promotional items for businesses looking to make smarter choices for the environment

The 2020 catalog has arrived and it's more exciting than ever! Featuring an important zero waste message and video content throughout, this digital resource is the ultimate tool for green businesses looking to make smarter choices for the environment in 2020 and beyond. Read more