Memorial Products

If you’re visiting this part of the website, you’ve likely lost someone dear to you. Please accept our heartfelt condolences for your loss. Our words can’t take away the pain of losing a loved one, but we can offer you our help in choosing a special life memento. The memorial products that you see here were designed to commemorate and celebrate their life in a natural and eco-friendly way. Each piece is made with a special seed-infused paper, called plantable seed paper. When you plant the paper, you’ll grow a wildflower garden as a beautiful living reminder of the one you’ll never forget.

By choosing plantable memorial products, you’ll be giving friends and family the opportunity to honor their loved one with a thoughtful memorial piece that will provide comfort. After a service, each person can take home this small token to plant it somewhere special as they reflect and begin to heal.

We have a variety of plantable memorial seed cardsbookmarks and memorial favors to choose from as well as plantable shape favors,. Whether you’re looking for something that includes a keepsake photograph like our photo memorial seed cards, or something more symbolic like memorial seed packets, we can help you find the right piece to reflect your loved one. All of our memorial products can be personalized with names and often memorial quotes or poems if you choose. Even those wanting to honor a beloved pet will find a line of pet-specific memorial cards to choose from. From cats to dogs and paw prints inspired by love, these cards for funerals are a perfect fit for commemorating the life of your furry friend.

At Botanical PaperWorks, we understand how stressful and sudden these situations can be so we will ship your order in less than 24 hours, often in the same day. With rush shipping available at check-out, you can be sure you'll receive your order as fast as possible. Please contact us if you need any assistance or are concerned about arrival times.  

If you're a not-for-profit organization or a business such as a veterinary clinic looking for a way to send condolences, we also have a variety of branded sympathy gifts for organizations with discounts on orders of 200 or more.

Featured Products

  • Wildflower Memorial Planting Kit

    These beautiful Wildflower Memorial Planting Kits that feature seed paper you can plant in memory of a loved one. All-in-one kit to grow wildflowers.
  • Plantable Flower Shape Memorial Cards

    Share and grow flowers in memory of a loved one with these beautiful Plantable Flower Shape Memorial Cards. A flower card with a seed paper piece attached to plant in memory.
  • Plant In Memory Memorial Petal Cards

    Recipients will love that they can plant these Plant In Memory Memorial Petal Cards after the service in their own moment of reflection. Add names, a quote and dates to these blooming gifts.
  • Eternal Blossoms Photo Memorial Seed Cards

    The Eternal Blossoms Photo Memorial Seed Cards will provide those grieving with a photograph keepsake of their loved one along with a symbolic seed paper flower to plant in memory. Photo memorial cards with a plantable seed paper shape attached
  • Memory Garden Memorial Seed Cards

    These Memory Garden Memorial Seed Cards are a truly heartwarming way to celebrate their life in a way that is eco-friendly and meaningful.   Plant the memory seed cards to grow a memorial garden.
  • Personalized Seed Paper Memorial Butterfly

    These Personalized Seed Paper Memorial Butterflies can be distributed at a service so friends and family of the departed can take them home to plant in a special place as a private moment of reflection. Plantable shapes embedded with wildflower seeds
  • Nature's Leaf Memorial Seed Bookmarks

    Inspired by simplicity of earthy elements, the Nature's Leaf Memorial Seed Bookmarks will honor the life of a loved one in a symbolic and eco-friendly way. Plant the seed paper leaf in memory
  • Forever In Our Hearts Memorial Favors

    With these plantable Forever In Our Hearts Memorial Favors, you'll offer friends and family the opportunity to grow symbolic wildflowers as a lasting memento of the one you'll never forget. A plantable seed paper heart in a glassine envelope with a note that includes planting instructions
  • Forget-me-not Seed Packet Memorial Favors

    These Forget-me-not Seed Packet Memorial Favors can be distributed at the service, giving loved ones a chance to take them home to reflect and mourn in private as they scatter the seeds. Forget-me-not seeds to plant in memory