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Express yourself with stylish and eco-friendly personalized stationery that grows wildflowers. Pick your favorite style, from chic and modern designs to classic and vintage. When your recipient plants the personalized stationery, they'll grow a bouquet of colorful wildflowers. That's because you're choosing personalized stationery printed on premium seed paper, a special eco-friendly paper embedded with seeds that grow.

Featured Products

  • Plantable Spruce Tree Favor

    These Spruce Tree Plantable Wedding Favors grow wildflowers! 3 colors of plantable seed favors
  • Fresh Herb Sprouter Kit

    These Herb Plantable Paper Grow Kits are great for gardeners or anyone who loves to cook! Grow tasty herbs in a biodegradable pot! (Only available while supplies last)
  • Vintage Christmas Cards

    Vintage Christmas Cards Choose red or green vintage personalized Christmas cards
    $1.87 - $2.86
  • Christmas Leaf Eco Confetti

    This eco-friendly biodegradable confett is a colourful and festive confetti that composts into flowers! 380 pieces of biodegradable confetti
  • Hello Card

    Hello Cards Personalized Calling Cards
    $0.60 - $1.25
  • Plantable Graduation Cap Shape Favors

    Made special for graduation parties and ceremonies, these personalized graduation favors are symbolic of growth and the future. Choose from 25+ seed paper colors and customize the text
  • Baby Bear Seed Paper Shower Invitations

    These Baby Bear Seed Paper Shower Invitations are biodegradable and are embedded with a blend of wildflower seeds so they don't leave any waste behind. A waste-free option for eco-friendly baby showers
    $1.95 - $2.70
  • Locally Grown Plantable Leaf Photo Birth Announcements

    With a seed paper leaf attached to these Locally Grown Plantable Leaf Photo Birth Announcements, friends and family will be thrilled to celebrate the new life by planting new life! For locally grown, 100% organic babies!
    $2.07 - $2.82
  • Plantable Bar Mitzvah Favor

    Bar mitzvah plantable seed favors 23 colors of seed favors