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Express yourself with stylish and eco-friendly personalized stationery that grows wildflowers. Pick your favorite style, from chic and modern designs to classic and vintage. When your recipient plants the personalized stationery, they'll grow a bouquet of colorful wildflowers. That's because you're choosing personalized stationery printed on premium seed paper, a special eco-friendly paper embedded with seeds that grow.

Featured Products

  • Plantable Onesie Favor

    Onesie plantable seed green baby shower favors 5 colors of baby favors
    From $1.10
  • Celebrate Plantable Birthday Invitation

    Plantable birthday invitations 2 colors of seed invitations
    From $2.75
  • Plantable Cross favor

    Plantable seed cross favor 23 colors of seed favors
    From $1.10
  • Hello Card

    Hello Cards Personalized Calling Cards
    From $0.60
  • Planting New Roots Moving Announcement

    Planting New Roots Moving Announcements Personalized Moving Announcements
    From $1.95
  • Up and Away Moving Announcement

    Up and Away Moving Announcements Personalized Moving Announcements
    From $1.95