Bulk Herb Seed Bombs


Grow an even bigger yield of fresh and savory herbs with our Bulk Herb Seed Bombs that come in sets of 25! Whether used for DIY wedding favors, gift boxes, birthday presents for foodies or used to grow the ultimate garden of basil, parsley and oregano for yourself, you have the freedom to create bigger and better projects with these seed bombs.

These NON-GMO seed-embedded bundles can be planted in a pot or outside in a garden. Since our seed bombs are tested and approved as free from noxious weeds, you'll rest easy knowing that you won't be spreading invasive plants when you throw n' grow; you'll simply #growgoodthings!


Size: Approximately 1 inch each.

Quantity: 25 seed bombs

Shipping: This product ships 1 business day after order is received.

Tri-Herb Blend: Basil, Parsley & Oregano.

Planting Instructions

Poke seed bombs into moist soil leaving the tops uncovered. Keep very well-watered, especially during germination.


Overall rating 5.00 stars

Very pretty color, easy to fit into favor box



  • $18.50 each

SKU: BHS4044