Heart Shaped Plantable Herb Seed Confetti in Moss Green


Share the gift of basil, parsley and oregano at an eco-friendly wedding, shower or any other party with this biodegradable confetti that you plant after. Each little heart shape is embedded with seeds that will grow when the confetti is planted in soil. It's great for scattering on tables, making DIY favors or stuffing in envelopes or gift bags to add a bonus gift.


Quantity: Approximately 350 biodegradable confetti hearts per bag.

Size: 7/8" in diameter

Tri-Herb Blend (Optional): Basil, Parsley & Oregano.

Planting Instructions

Plant seed paper under 1/8" of soil. Water thoroughly. Place in a sunny corner and keep moist during germination.

Learn more about how seed paper works.


Overall rating 5.00 stars

I bought the purple five petal confetti, the heart shaped herb confetti in moss green and the happy birthday banner for my friend’s birthday and she was thrilled! The confetti is a good size and the banner was perfect. I wonderful eco friendly gift. Everything from checkout out to the delivery was enjoyable for me. Hassle free and friendly service. I will be using this company for my wedding for confetti, wedding invitations and more. I would highly recommend!



  • $11.99 each

SKU: HSH4724