Sustainable Eco Packaging

It's more important than ever to make choices for your brand that benefit the environment and this sustainable eco packaging is the best way to do that! This zero-waste plantable packaging is made with post-consumer materials embedded with seeds so it will definitely show your eco-commitment and promote corporate sustainability. Since the packaging can be planted instead of getting tossed, the recipient will grow something they can actually enjoy like flowers, herbs, or veggies. What a fresh way to make a green choice while adding value to your products!

Plantable packaging is ideal for small boxes for cosmetics and other light-weight items, product wraps and toppers, or shredded as box filler. There are all kinds of creative things you can do with seed paper packaging. No matter what you use, this eco green packaging is sure to make a great impression on anyone that receives it.

Need Help with Your Sustainable Eco Packaging?

If you need some help planning your plantable packaging, please contact us or refer to these resources: